Corporate Events Nottingham Rally Driving

A company is only ever as good as its people. Develop your people through training and reap the benefits of stronger teams, enhanced commitment and a more unified company ethos.

As a team building activity, Rally Driving addresses several important developmental criteria. It can also be tailor-made to meet your particular company requirements.

Experienced in corporate hospitality, our corporate-friendly Nottingham rally driving venue is home to top of the range rally driving facilities including our jaw-dropping, mud-filled, epic track that you and your colleagues will be blasting around as you get behind the wheel of our powerful and speedy petrol-fuelled rally cars that can reach heart-racing speeds! This hugely popular alternative corporate event transports the colleagues out of the doom and gloom of the office environment and provides them with a joyous team day out as they compete against one another in an adrenaline-fuelled rally driving experience to determine who is the best driver in the office! The competitive nature of the sport is perfect for those in charge of a sales team as it aims to instil a winning mentality - something that's very important in a sales environment. Upon arrival at our Nottingham rally driving venue, everyone will be fitted out into all the latest safety gear as well as being provided with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors. Rally driving is able to accommodate those of all ages and athletic abilities - with full tuition also being provided by our expert instructors in each of our rally driving packages. Perfectly situated just moments away from both Leicester and Nottingham, we're ideally located for you to host potential cliental or to provide your colleagues with a whole range of other corporate activities after they've enjoyed all the mayhem of rally driving!